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EX.UA Announces its Close-Down

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The most famous Ukrainian torrent EX.UA decided to close down. All the users are asked to remove files from their archives on EX.UA until November 30, 2016. Users of the mail service “mail.ex.ua” will be soon redirected to a new domain.

“Over the past year EX.UA had to experience direct threats, blackmail (including the international one), and DDoS attacks. These actions jeopardize personal data and personal user files stored on the resource. EX.UA operated in a lawful way. Not everyone liked such an interpretation of the law, but the resource always respected the Ukrainian legislation. EX.UA observed copyright, and that was regularly proved by quick response to any violations on the site. At that, the resource disagrees on the actual copyright distribution and control model”, as the statement said.

The resource’s site also states that recent legislative initiatives in the area of the alleged anti-piracy bear all the marks of wild lobbying.

“The new law, submitted for the President’s signature, makes its compliance unfavorable: it will act just against those who try to abide by it. It will encourage the disregard for copyright. And thus it is unfavorable. It is dead”, as the statement noted.

EX.UA also pointed out that the service would never leave the standpoint of respecting the Ukrainian laws, and therefore it decided just to give up its operation.

As a postscript, EX.UA stated that the market might need to come back to uncontrolled piracy in order to make an impact on the rights holders.

“The darkest hour is just before the dawn. Perhaps, our market should come back again to uncontrolled torrent piracy, for the rights holders to realize that without providing viewers with an option to get content legally, they can not prohibit”, as the statement emphasized.

Let us recall that on November 15, the Ukrainian Cyber Police shut down the popular pirate online resource FS.TO.

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