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Russia to Launch TV channel “Katiusha” in China

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The target audience of the new channel will be Chinese viewers, so the broadcasts produced in Russian will be translated into Chinese.

The “Channel One” and the “China Central Television” signed an agreement to create and launch a new TV channel “Katiusha” in China. Under this agreement, the channel shall start broadcasting in China before the end of 2017, according to the release of the “Channel One. Worldwide Network”.

This channel will be the first bilingual project of its kind, created intentionally for Chinese TV audience, and one of the few foreign channels that obtained a license for broadcasting in China.

An essential part of the “Katiusha”’s broadcasting time will be documentary cycles: a number of broadcasts dedicated to the history and culture, Russian scientists and researchers, unique nature and picturesque areas of Russia. At the same time, the TV channel will also offer Russian popular music and entertainment shows, as well as learning and educational shows for children.

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