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Russian Media Holding Launches Two TV Channels in USA and Latin America



Popular Russian TV channels “My Planet” and “MULT” will start Spanish-language broadcasting in the USA and Latin America.

On January 18, within the framework of the largest regional NATPE TV Show held in Miami (USA), the “Signal Media” and the US distributor Olympusat announced the launch of two TV channels of the Russian media holding “Digital Television”: the children’s channel MOOLT (“MULT”) and the educational one Mi Planeta (“My Planet”), fully localized for the Spanish-speaking audience. Starting February 5, the Spanish version of Russian channels will be available in cable and IPTV networks in the USA and Latin America.

“The “Signal Media” has long and successfully been promoting “Digital Television”’s content abroad. Despite this, the entry into the US and Latin American market of Spanish-language TV channels is a big challenge for us. We hope that our experience and audience awareness, as well as professional distribution expertise of our US partner Olympusat, will allow our projects to integrate efficiently into the Pay-TV segment of that continent, as well as to gain loyalty of millions of viewers”, as assured by Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO at “Signal Media”.

Mi Planeta is an educational TV channel with its broadcast schedule entirely consisting of Russian-made content, localized for the Spanish-speaking audience. Its core is popular educational broadcasts of the TV channels like “My Planet”, “Living Planet”, “Science”, “T24”, incorporated in the “Digital Television”. The TV channel’s library already accounts for over 2500 episodes of documentaries and shows, and it will be completed with more than 300 premieres annually. As part of the “Digital Television”’s global operations, much of the content has already been translated into 7 languages, including English, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi and others.

MOOLT is a world animation TV channel aimed at preschoolers and based on Russian animated series. The expertise in working with children’s audiences, as well as the availability of exclusive premier content of own production, throw no doubt about the infallible success of the project on the Spanish-speaking market, comparable to the success of the TV channel “MULT” in Russia.

“The launch of TV channels in the United States and Latin America is an important and consistent step of our global strategy”, as emphasized by Dmitry Mednikov, Chairman of the Board of Directors at “Digital Television”. “More than two years ago, our distributor “Signal Media” and our company started preparations to access foreign markets. We created content that would be comprehensible and interesting in different countries. Not only documentaries and animated series localized for foreign audiences, but also games, mobile and OTT apps, projects for virtual reality devices. In the meantime, the “Signal Media” dealt with searching partners, marketing and promotion. The actual partnership with the largest US Hispanic media holding Olympusat evidences a high-rated quality of our content”.