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Ukrainian-Made TV Broadcasts to be Shown in Italy, Germany, Belarus and Russia



MK-Distribution (part of MK Media Group, Ukraine) closed 2017 with a number of deals with European TV channels. Broadcasts about the history of engineering, culture and cuisine will become available to the Italian, German, Belarusian and Russian audiences. This was announced to the Mediasat by the company’s press office.

The TV channel RAI 3 of the large Italian holding Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A. completed its broadcast schedule with the travel show “Spirit of the Place”, featuring the trips to the far parts of the world, 14×13 minutes. “Spirit of the Place” is a non-dialogue series with each episode discovering the spirit and mood of different parts of the world like Indonesia, Cambodia, Bolivia, China, Ecuador, India, the Kingdom of Mustang, Peru, Patagonia, Tanzania, Venezuela and many others. Let us recall that earlier RAI 3 closed a deal for a documentary film “Antarctica” co-produced by the Paganel Studio and the MeetMinds Studio.

At the year-end, the MK Media Group announced the closure of production of a new educational and entertaining series “Materials for Life”, 26×7 minutes. This show is another edutainment project of the MeetMinds Studio’s focus. The Russian holding 1TVCH purchased the show for the channel Eureka HD in the production stage. The audiences will soon be able to see how different materials forming an integral part of our life are manufactured, and how they affect it.

The RTVD Company, incorporating two Russian-language channels in Germany like TeleDom/TeleBom and NashKinoMir, acquired cable rights for a variety of specific shows. One show is a new position in the catalog “Cult Collection”, 50×3 minutes, which is focused on an excursion into the world of auto-classics and armored vehicles. The audience can get acquainted with various vehicles via small model cars. The deal also covered “Tasty Morning”, 150×3 minutes, “Simple & Delicious”, 101×3 minutes, “Paintings of the World”, 100×3 minutes, inviting you to admire the masterpieces of famous artists of the world. The children’s TV channel TeleBom will let kids enjoy of animated encyclopedia for children “Multipedia” in different languages, 17×5 minutes, The Tales, 48×5 minutes, telling funny, comic and educational stories.

“MTIS Belarus” will fill the schedule gaps with shows “Tasty Morning” 150×3 minutes and “Tea Mood”, 50×2 minutes.

The TV channel “OTS” (Novosibirsk Regional Broadcasting Network) will please its audience with a selection of various broadcasts on different topics: “The World in Pictures”, 100х5 minutes, “The Tea Mood”, 50х2 minutes, “The Unique House”, 100х3 minutes, “Do it Yourself”, 100×3 minutes, “Paintings of the World 2”, 100×3 minutes, “Re: Art”, 100×3 minutes, and “Secret Ingredient”, 100×3 minutes.

Let us recall that in December 2017, the Ukrainian content distributor MK-Distribution closed a number of deals, due to which the Ukrainian-made shows would be broadcasted inflight.