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TV Channel Dorama Starts Operating on Xtra TV Platform



On February 1, Xtra TV satellite TV platform’s subscribers got access to watching the TV series-focused TV channel Dorama, the broadcasting schedule of which is entirely dedicated to the diversity of Oriental cultures.

The channel is available in the packages “Cinema” and “Xtra MIX”.

Dorama offers the most popular latest TV series of terrestrial and cable television of South Korea, Japan, China and Turkey, gathered on one platform. The TV channel’s broadcasts allow for learning and feeling what the Orient lives and breathes.

Each Dorama’s viewer may find the TV series to his liking: melodramas and dramas for the women’s audience, crime stories and history serials for men, as well as family comedies.

The channel’s broadcasting schedule also present a vast variety of shows about the culture and history of the Oriental countries, videos from the film locations and TV series festivals.

The channel is available via the satellite Eutelsat 9B (9° E).