Home Business The court ruled the return of seized servers to the Divan.TV

The court ruled the return of seized servers to the Divan.TV

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The Ukrainian OTT television service continues its successful march in Ukrainian courts.

According to the Divan.TV’s press office, the ruling of the Kyiv Darnytsa District Court states that the seized provider’s servers must be returned. Under article 159 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine, while conducting searches the data should be copied from storage media, but not seized, in order to avoid the termination of the company’s business activity.
We shall recall that on September 17 Mediasat became aware of the search conducted by the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the OTT provider’s office. The next day, September 18, the Divan.TV held a press conference where it reported about the police misconduct and seizure of office equipment and servers. On October 7 the service won the court, which ruled that the law enforcement authorities were obliged to return office equipment.
Arkady Kanyuka, the Divan.TV’s Director, stated that the judgment had to be satisfied immediately. He also emphasized the fact that, according to amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure, the law enforcement authorities had no right to seize office equipment and servers without bringing charges against the company, as the complaints about broadcasting illegal content were addressed to the TV channel-offender HD Movies 100, and not to the operator itself.

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