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FS.TO Declares its Servers Available on the Tonga Island. The Operation to be Resumed within a Week

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The representatives of FS.TO, the largest illegal file sharing service and online cinema in Ukraine, are about to resume its operation within 3-7 days. Such information was made public by them in the official group of the social network Vkontakte.

In particular, the statement points out, that already two lawyers were involved in the case of seizing FS.TO servers by the Cyber Police. They are considering charges filed against FS.TO team, and specifically against the FS.TO resource. The lawyers are ready to see into that problem and assist in solving it.

FS.TO also stated that the seizure of equipment was made only in Ukraine. The file sharing service, however, has its servers outside our country as well.

“The Cyber Police seized servers only in Ukraine. But as far back as 2013, we also placed some of our servers on the Tonga Island. Now, our team flew into another country to set up other servers for resuming site operation. The complete service recovery will take us from 3 to 7 days”, as the statement said.

At the same time, the FS.TO’s representatives are confident of their impunity.

“The judicial perspective of that case will surely end in a fiasco, since there was no verdict rendered regarding copyright violations in the Internet last year. This means that the whole team will be in the ranks in a few days”, as reported on the FS.TO profile in Vkontakte.


At the same time, the FS.TO site posted an official statement of the resource’s owners on non-existence of any representation in social networks, including Vkontakte.

FS.TO’s Official Statement

Unfortunately, the site is out of service, and this will last so for some time. This is a very unpleasant situation for all of us, but we hope for the best and there are prerequisites for it.

However, a political provocation is spreading around the resource right now. And this is what we most would like to avoid.

  1. We do not have any official representation in social networks. If someone says the opposite, so he lies, and it is not worth believing him in any matter.
  2. The statements made on behalf of fake “representations” are false. Ukrainian mass media do not like much to verify facts and are happy to reproduce any information that smells scandal.

The FS.TO Website Promises to Resume Soon its Operation and other articles of that kind in the major mass media are based on unverified and false information. And that is bad.

  1. We did not ask and do not ask for anyone’s support. Including those video bloggers with a very controversial reputation. This information is spread over social networks (possibly by themselves), but this is their self-action. We will shut down the site forever, better than ask for such people’s support.
  2. Not all happening is bad. The situation is not clear now, but there is a rather significant chance that it would be settled in a positive way. And the actual close-down will be the last not only for FS, but also for others sites remaining out of service now.

On the other hand, there appeared a message in the social network, as follows:

“The site posted a news item with an official statement of the FS.TO team, but given the fact that access to the domain is now at the Cyber Police, so the question is “Who posted it?”

Later on, on the Vkontakte profile there appeared a message of the group admins who presented their vision and explanation of the statement on the FS.TO site. The message remarks that the FS.TO team can not be the author of that post on the site.

Let us recall that the FS.TO service’s operation was stopped on November 15 by the Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine.

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