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Moyo.TV Freezes its Operation as soon as Next Year



On 1 January 2017, the Moyo.TV Project dismisses nearly all its staff and suspends its operation, as the “Kabelschik” informs.

On the same day, users will have canceled their subscription to “Amediateka” and the package of pay TV channels, but they will go on enjoying video services ivi and Megogo, as well as getting available 30 free TV channels. In addition, users will retain access to the social network Vkontakte and the YouTube portal. The feature of rewinding broadcasts for up to seven days will be offered for a fee of 50 rubles per month.

The reasons for freezing the project remain confidential, i.e. we only know that the procedure was initiated by shareholders.

Just on 31 December 2016, Moyo.TV will have a very few stuff responsible for the engineering part of the project. The service will be simultaneously searching for its potential buyer.

The service Moyo.TV was launched in 2015 and expanded its functionality in less than no time. It opened access to VOD applications of some TV channels, arranged access to a number of video services, permitted to use YouTube, incorporated free and paid TV packages into its database, as well as made “Vkontakte” accessible via TV-sets.

The exact number of service’s subscribers is unknown, but according to unofficial information, it is estimated in dozens of thousands of users.