Home Business Ex.ua Sells its Domain for a Million Dollars to help Disabled Children

Ex.ua Sells its Domain for a Million Dollars to help Disabled Children

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The Ex.ua Portal’s administration announced the sale of its domain for USD 1 million to be spent on the child patients’ treatment, as the Detektor.Media reports.

“The most expensive Uanet domain is offered for sale. The Ex.ua domain price is USD 1 million. 100% of the proceeds will be spent on emergency and urgent surgery for children. We hope that Ex.ua users will back up this decision”, as the administration’s letter states.

The announcement stresses that funds withdrawal and spending will be supervised by an international audit company.

“Given the lack of demand for the declared price, the Ex.ua domain will remain in the memory and legends of the Ukrainian Internet”, as the portal’s spokesmen said.

As is well known, the popular site with different content, announced its shutdown on November 16, and was to suspend its operation on November 30, in support of the Law “On State Support of Cinematography in Ukraine”. Today, however, the site administration announced the portal operation prolongation up to 31 December, 2016, in order to allow site users to copy their personal data from EX.ua. At the same time, the site functionality will remain limited, i.e. file sharing keeps on out of service. The main purpose for shutting down portal is an anti-piracy campaign.

Later on the same day, Ex.ua team asked its users to remove personal data from the service by November 30 inclusive. As for mail.ex.ua, it will be preserved, just “moving” to a new domain.

As is known, the ex.ua lawyer Artem Afyan made public that Ex.ua was about to pay copyright holders for their content. He also stated that the portal did not buy content from rights holders indeed, but got earnings from advertising, which, by the way, was continuously increasing on ex.ua.

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