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Number of Mobile Users Comes up with TV Audience in Ukraine

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According to the results of the last year, Ukraine recorded 40 million mobile users in Ukraine. This value is equal to the number of TV viewers and massively more than Radio and Printed media audience. This is stated in the study of the mobile marketing agency LEAD9.

The report also shows a significant increase in the share of mobile devices. So, by the end of 2016, the number of mobile devices in Ukraine exceeded the number of desktops.

51% of users aged 18-55 prefer using smartphones. And 71%, that is almost 10 million Ukrainian mobile subscribers, go online regularly on their mobile devices.

It should be added that smartphone sales have been increasing by 30% annually in Ukraine over the past five years.

The LEAD9’s study also states that two thirds of Ukrainian owners of mobile devices install applications on them, and the greatest popularity is gained by social networks, messengers, navigators and games, among others.

The LEAD9’s experts assert that the mobile Internet becomes an integral part of life for Ukrainian mobile users. In particular, the mobile Internet is increasingly used to search for demanded information. Most often, Ukrainians search through the Internet for music (26%), as well as addresses on maps (11%) and information about services and goods (11%).

In 2016, according to the study, 4.2 million smartphones were sold in Ukraine. The LEAD9 forecasts that this year the share of smartphones will exceed 50% of all mobile devices in use.

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