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What Movies, Shows and Channels are in Demand with the Audience of Divan.TV?

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Thousands of people in 200 countries around the world watch Divan.TV daily. Hundreds of films, shows and TV channels are available on the service. However, there are those that are most popular with viewers, among others. The Mediasat publishes TOP 10 most watched movies, shows and TV channels for the last month of the year on the OTT-service Divan.TV.

The wintertime is ideal for watching good movies at cozy home evenings. Moreover, there are coming so many Christmas weekends. For the recent month, viewers have watched more than hundred good movies on Divan.TV, but they called the best ones as follows:


  1. Fast & Furious 8
  2. John Wick 2 
  3. Prometheus 
  4. Robin Hood
  5. Dracula    
  6. Loft
  7. The Mechanic
  8. The Secret Life of Pets
  9. Assassin’s Creed
  10. 2+1

Divan.TV’s audience is very fond of Ukrainian reality shows and comic telecasts. This is evidenced by ever-growing views of the above shows. The oddball humor by the “Kvartal 95” Studio, a variety of talent shows, legendary “Kyiv Day and Night” and travel shows allow Divan.TV’s subscribers to spend their spare time still more funny. Below, there are TOP 10 shows and telecasts that kept the audience watching TV for the past month.


  1. League of Laughs 
  2. MasterChef
  3. Kyiv Day and Night
  4. Servant of the People 
  5. Heads and Tails
  6. Weighted and Happy
  7. Revizor
  8. The X Factor
  9. Vecherniy Kvartal
  10. Supermodel Ukrainian-style

It does not matter the season of the year, when the need for TV channels remains forever. Most often, viewers prefer watching news and TV shows. What TV channels are of Divan.TV audience’s most liking? The answer is the figure below.


  1. STB     
  2. 1+1     
  3. Novy Channel 
  4. ICTV 
  5. Inter
  6. 2+2
  7.  TET
  8. VIP Megahit
  9. Kvartal TV
  10. TV1000 action

Let us recall that the Mediasat published Audience Research of the OTT service Divan.TV.

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