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Ukraine runs a new scientific and educational TV channel “History EM”

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In the near future the Ukrainian TV audience will have the opportunity to watch broadcasts of a new TV channel “History EM”. The satellite broadcasting starts in II-III quarter of this year. The Mediasat’s reporter was informed about it by the “Euromedia Ukraine”’s press office.

It is planned that the new channel will fill the scientific and educational niche of Ukrainian television. Half of its content will be represented by domestic programs and movies to be produced by the channel itself, and another 50% of airtime will be given to foreign TV movies.

According to the management, the channel will be dedicated to the Ukrainian and world history featured in documentaries and programs. The TV audience will be able to see the history from the point of view of its direct participants. The “History EM” will broadcast for 24 hours narrating historical, cultural, scientific and technological past and present of the country. The viewers are about to see such projects as “Antecedent”, “Time Machine”, “Master Class”, “Our Heroes”.

According to Yury Belous, Director of the “Euromedia Ukraine”, the TV channel will introduce the audience to the unknown hushed up facts, will assist in understanding the cause-effect relationship between seemingly isolated events and will show our ancestors’ lifestyle.

We shall recall that in late December 2015 the regulatory authority decided to grant a 10-year license to the “Euromedia Ukraine” for satellite broadcasting of the TV channel “History EM”.

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