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Educational satellite TV channel “Repetitor TV” to appear in Ukraine

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March 10, the National Broadcasting Council issued a satellite license to Euromedia Ukraine Ltd, which will broadcast under the logo “Repetitor TV” (Tutor).

The TV Company already has a satellite license for the TV channel “History EM”, granted by the National Broadcasting Council on December 30 last year, as stated on the regulatory authority’s website.
As indicated, the owners of the TV Company “Euromedia Ukraine” are Pavel Grytsak (share of 99%) heading the Euromedia Group, and Valentin Shostak (share of 1%).
The “Repetitor TV” is an educational channel aimed both at schoolchildren, students, and adult audience. The channel plans to broadcast round-the-clock via the satellite Astra 4A.
As reported by the spokesman of the company “Euromedia Ukraine”, the “Repetitor TV”’s broadcasting grid will contain popular-science programs and films relative to school subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, Ukrainian and English, etc. The telecasts will be released in three languages like Ukrainian, Russian and English.
The airtime will be mostly filled with TV programs of own production, but there will be also available the foreign ones, i.e 9.5 hours per day. According to the new channel’s spokesman, in the near future the company will purchase programs and films of BBC and Polish production. The cooperation with Russian content providers is not on the agenda.

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