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Moldova plans to complete the transition to the digital terrestrial broadcasting

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By the end of 2017, 99% of Moldova’s population will have a digital terrestrial TV broadcasting format available.

That statement was made by Vasily Botnari, the Minister of Information Technologies, at the conference, which brought together representatives of the media industry in the region. In addition, he emphasized that the terrestrial TV broadcasting in a digital format would get a national coverage by the end of present year.

As of today, according to the edition Publika.md, the country has been actively launching the “Multiplex A”. The next “Multiplex B” will be able to provide a national coverage for digital terrestrial TV broadcasting. It is expected that at the time of cutting off analog TV in late 2017, the digital standard will be accessible to 99% of Moldova’s population.

Prior to that, at the transition stage, an option of receiving terrestrial broadcasting in a digital format will be available to 80% of subscribers. Of the country’s 60 channels only 12 have actually drawn up an application for a relevant license. The entire TV broadcasting digitalization project in Moldova is estimated at EUR 6 million. Its implementation will ensure watching TV channels in superior quality of picture and sound.

We shall recall that from 11-15 June, Moldova will hold the Days of Cable TV Operators Ukraine-Moldova 2016.

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