Home Television Two sports TV channels are excluded from the “VOLIA”’s network

Two sports TV channels are excluded from the “VOLIA”’s network



The national telecommunications operator “Volia” excludes from its TV broadcasting packages the Ukrainian sports TV channels “Sport 1” and “Sport 2”, owned by the company “Poverkhnost Sport TV”. This is stated in the announcement posted on the operator’s website.

The reason for completing rebroadcasts is announced as the termination of contractual relations with the rights holder.

Let us recall that the sports channels “Sport 1” and “Sport 2” started operating in late 2005. In the channels’s broadcasting grid, the audience can watch football championships of several European countries, beach football tournaments, basketball games, boxing, tennis, auto and motor sports, futsal, golf and many others.

The place of these two Ukrainian sports TV channels in the VOLIA’s network will be occupied by the European “Eurosportnews” as from July 4.

It is to be recalled that earlier, the “VOLIA”’s network was also joined by the channel “Eurosport 2 Wimbledon SD”, which broadcasting grid is dedicated to the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. However, the channel’s broadcasting is seasonal and will last until 9 July.