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Belarus cuts off wired radio in October



According to the “BELTA” news agency, the full cut-off of wired radio in the Republic of Belarus is sheduled before October 1 this year.

Let us remark that the optimization of wired radio broadcasting in Belarus in a number of villages and district centers has been lasting for years. Since the start of August the cut-offs will be made in Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno and Gomel, and since October in Mogilev and Minsk.

The Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus points out that the number of wired radio users has been decreasing, as it is not in demand in the country. Therefore, these services make no economic sense.

Earlier, the wired radio station “National Channel One of the Belarusian Radio” could be received just between 6:00 and 24:00. Now the radio station is available in the air around the clock in the frequency band 65.9-74.0 MHz and 87.5-108.0 MHz. It is also worth mentioning that Belarusian residents had to pay a monthly fee for the wired radio outlet, while the terrestrial radio station just requires a receiver.

Let us emphasize that radio receivers for the social groups of population and health facilities will be provided free of charge.