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Divan.TV expands its reach for 2 million users more

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The International platform Divan.TV, which provides services in the area of streaming TV broadcasting and video on demand (VOD), has signed a partnership agreement with Dune HD.

Thanks to this agreement, 2 million users of set-top boxes by Dune HD will get access to the “freemium” content, offered by the Divan.TV platform and incorporating 30 TV channels, 100 radio stations, as well as a collection of feature films and animated cartoons.

The Divan.TV platform also offers the premium content available under subscription to the tariff plan “All the World” and incorporating TV channels of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Russia and other European countries, focused above all on the nations of the former USSR.

According to Yuri Alexeyev, Marketing Director at Divan.TV, “Divan.TV not only offers its subscribers a unique service, but is also thinking of the content that would satisfy their unique needs in the best way. That is why we have both the “freemium” offer, and the premium one.”

Today, the Divan.TV platform is available to the residents of 200 countries of the world on all screens, and its audience is 1.5 million registered users.

The company Dune HD turns out high-performance digital media players.

Let us recall that in July this year, Divan.TV expanded its presence on the Smart TV platforms.

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