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Online platforms in Russia: statistics

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The revenues of platforms with online video in Russia in the first six months 2016 reached the mark of RUR 3.1 billion (EUR 42.5 million).

According to the information provided by TelecomDaily, these revenues should reach the level of USD 7.35 billion by the end of 2016, and the share of paid services which continue to grow due to reducing the share of video advertising is to reach 37.2 % of the total amount.

In terms of the revenues TVZavr platform showed the largest increase in January – June of 2016 (+ 50 %), then Google Play (40 %) and Tvigle and Megogo (37 % each) go. At the same time, Zoomby (-21 %) and Rutube (-6 %) became the leaders in the income decreasing.

If to talk about market share, the largest growth was demonstrated by Ivi, Rostelecom, Tvigle, Megogo and TVZavr, while the share of YouTube, Rutube, CTC Media and iTunes decreased. In the period since 2014 to May – June of 2016 Ivi (+ 5 %), Tvigle (+ 3.3 % ) and TVZavr (+ 2.9 %) showed the biggest increase.

The largest library of content belongs to Megogo company – there were 77 000 positions, they are followed by iTunes (75 000 positions), Ivi (45 100 positions), as well as TVZavr and Zoomby (40 000 positions  each).

Video is the most frequently watched on PC and laptops (49 %), then home screens (27 %) and mobile screens (24 %) follow. However, only the mobile devices have shown the growth in  six months at the level of 4 %.

The TelecomDaily representatives indicated that the market for legal online video services has a huge unrealized potential, and the number of full-length video viewing on Smart TV screens will continue to grow.

It is also important that there is no significant competition on this market on the part of the pay-TV operators.

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