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Russia will Protect the National Internet in Cooperation with China

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Russia turned to China in order to join forces to protect the Internet against vulnerabilities. This is featured by the “Prime”.

Alexei Volin, Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, told about the network security plans at the Russian-Chinese Conference held in Guangzhou.

“We need to cooperate in data storage, particularly in the Internet exchange points on the Russian territory. It is worth joining to think about creating cloud storage systems, which will enhance the independence and invulnerability of the national Internet segments”, as Mr. Volin explained.

He also stated that the Russian party had great facilities and solutions for detecting threats and combating viruses, as well as for finding serious vulnerabilities.

“This is of great importance today, when we begin finding certain vulnerabilities in those systems provided by our Western partners, which is important after a series of scandals involving revelations of Mr. Snowden and other things”, as emphasized by the politician.

As is known, since 2003 China has been operating the system “Golden Shield” (“Great Chinese Firewall”), which deals with filtering incoming data from foreign networks, as well as restricts access to foreign sites.

The black lists of dangerous sites in the Russian Federation are compiled by the Roskomnadzor. This month, it demanded to close the social network Linkedin, associated with a number of scandals, and reasoned its decision by preventing leak of user data of Russian residents.

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