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Moldova Plans to Use H.265 Codec in the Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Network

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The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communication of Moldova drafted a report for the government, dedicated to the country’s transition from analog to the digital TV standard. The draft is aimed at improving the efficient use of radio-frequency spectrum, as well as reducing radio broadcasting costs per broadcaster that would become possible due to implementing the compression standard H.265 (HEVC).

According to the report, one of the most important advances in this field was mentioned the launch of a digital multiplex covering with its signal up to 80% of the country’s population. At the first stage, the Multiplex A incorporates eight DTT channels, including TV Moldova1, Prime TV, TVR Moldova, Canal 2, Canal 3, Publica TV, N4 and Accent TV.

Another seven TV channels, which obtained license to broadcast within the first multiplex, i.e. Agro TV, Jurnal TV, TV7, ITV, Regional TV, Super TV and CTC, will be included in the package right after signing relevant contracts.

For the time being, the work is underway to launch the second Multiplex B, which, at the first stage, should cover with its signal 65% of Moldova’s population.

At the same time, the report underlines that the DTT-signal actually covers about 70% of the territory of Moldova and is available to 85% of its residents.

During the period featured in the report, the Law of Moldova “On Electronic Communications” was amended with, inter alia, special provisions regarding to the DTT implementation.

In the near future, the Government of Moldova is expected to approve the alterations made to the country’s program for transiting to digital TV broadcasting standards.

Moldova will introduce the H.265 standard to open the door to using 10 of the 21 regional frequencies to set up two national DTT multiplexes.

The completion of Moldova’s transiting to the digital TV broadcasting standard is expected before the end of this year.