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From behind the scenes of 4G

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The 4G introduction meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Kubiv, held on September 1, did not gain any special attention of the mass media. All that the uninitiated reader can learn about it comes down to some idle remarks in the media. Meanwhile, behind the scenes of this meeting there were very curious events.
The only hint at them can be found in the FB comments of the President of Kyivstar Petr Chernyshov: “We again discussed the 4G tenders, including frequencies of 1800 MHz needful for a rapid launch of this technology, as well as legislative initiatives required to adopt for eliminating digital gap between Ukraine and developed countries. It was meaningful almost for all attendees”.
The reason for the meeting was another lifecell’s complaint about terrible outrages and offences committed by evil competitors in shocking failure of the regulatory authority to act. This song has been performed by the Turks nearly from the first years of their presence on the Ukrainian market, and this is almost twelve years. This time, they decided to cry to Stepan Kubiv, obviously hinting at their inability to compete in the 4G-tender until their legitimate demands are satisfied. The list of those legitimate claims was impressive both in size and in content. There were additional frequencies for 4G, an asymmetric interconnect, and many, many other things. Everything as is common with Turkish businesspersons.
However, the competitors gained solid five credits for their homework. Well, twelve credits, according to the current education system. It was reminded everything to Ismet Yazici. It is curious that this time, the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization (NCCIR) backed the largest operators and stated lack of grounds to favor lifecell’s position. For the last six months, I have repeatedly heard that Turkcell has found the way to the country leaders’ hearts, and that the Turks have been kowtow and tip-top at the highest level. The descendants of the Janissaries seem unlucky again.
The bottom line is that there is another evidence of a behind-the-scenes struggle around 4G tender. The conditions that NCCIR imposed on the market players suit far from everyone. In particular, lifecell is striving to replay the situation, clearly overestimating its role as a key link in a rather shaky chain of “refarming 1800 MHz band – 1800 MHz conversion – 1800 MHz tender – 2600 MHz tender” as a means of squeeze on the regulator. Once the announced terms of issuing 4G-licenses missed, there are high chances that it is due to lifecell’s efforts.
Meanwhile, the next attempts to slow down the exciting process of saving investment of SCM in “MMDS-Ukraine” have been successfully frustrated. Keep on watching.

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