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1+1 Media Detects Illegal Miner on its Websites and Files a Statement for the Cyber Police

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1+1 Media detected and stopped illegal interference in the work of the Group’s websites, aimed at a hidden Montero crypto currency mining, probably for the sake of the international start-up Newzmate. It was announced to the Mediasat’s reporter by the Media Holding’s press office.

The 1+1 Media’s Digital Department conducted an investigation and found out a hidden script CoinHive, uploaded through the API of the Newzmate Company to the browsers of the Group’s news sites visitors, which was designed to mine the Monero crypto currency. Thus, the cheaters were coining money at the expense of users’ computer resources without their consent. Once detected, the mining software was removed from all websites of the Group.

The software got on the Media Group’s websites after purchasing the e-mailing service Traqli, designed by Newzmate. The TSN.ua website’s editorial office received an offer to use the e-mailing service for free in return for building in that mining script. That offer was rejected, but the above script was still injected into the Group’s websites.

The above acts fall under article 361 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Unauthorized Interference in the Operation of Electronic Computing Machines (computers), Automated Systems, Computer Networks or Telecommunications Networks”. The corresponding statement has already been filed for the Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine.

Let us recall that at the end of September of current year, there were already revealed cases of using Ukrainian online media for a hidden crypto currency mining. Then the script for Monero mining was detected on football.ua, Korrespondent.net, iSport.ua, tochka.net and others.

1+1 Media urges media companies to be alert, and recommends a regular check of the code of news websites and advertising modules with respect to third-party software.

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