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Ukraine Shows Growing Demand for Full HD TVs

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GfK Research Company estimated that the demand for Full HD TVs in Ukraine had tripled in 2018. This is featured by Detector Media.

According to the research, the share of sales of devices starting with HD Ready resolution was 10.9% a year ago. Over the past year, the demand rose up to 33.9%.

At the same time, the interest of Ukrainians to 4K/Ultra HD TVs has significantly dropped. According to experts, the slumping demand is due to the higher price of those models.

It is worth to remark that in the current year, WitsView analysts anticipate that the global market share of TVs with 8K resolution wouldn’t exceed 0.2%. In 2018, they held the market share of 0.04%. Mass production and sales of such devices are not expected in the near future due to high prices and lack of special content.

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