Home Telecommunication Ukrainian TV channels abandon the satellite “Azerspace-1”

Ukrainian TV channels abandon the satellite “Azerspace-1”

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Several Ukrainian TV channels changed their satellite residence.

The broadcasting of the Public TV and Radio Company “Kultura” (Culture) via the spacecraft (SC) “Azerspace-1” (46°E) closed down. Now the TV channel’s signal is available via the satellite “Amos-3” (4°W).
The satellite broadcasting of the TV channels “Lviv TV”, “Boutique TV”, “OE”, “Central Channel” and the radio station “Radio Antoshka” can be also actually received via the SC “Amos-3”.
At the moment, the satellite “Azerspace-1” makes available the signal of “UA TV”.
We shall recall that the signal of the Ukrainian international broadcasting TV channel can be received via three SC like “Azerspace-1” (46°E), “Amos 3” (4.0°W) and “Galaxy 19” (97.0°W).

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