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Moldavian digital broadcasting is not so popular

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According to the “Infotag” edition, the long-awaited digitalization of TV broadcasting in Moldova has not yielded the expected results yet. 15 seats in the multiplex A were applied for just by 12 participants. The applications of all channels were accepted and approved on Friday by the Coordination Council regulating TV and radio broadcasting.

The right to broadcast in digital standard is actually granted to the Moldavian TV channels like TVR Moldova, Moldova1, Prime, CTC-Mega, Canal Regional TV, Super-TV, TV7, Canal2, PublikaTV, AgroTV-Moldova, N4, and Canal3. The Coordination Council, when issuing digital broadcasting licenses to TV channels, reminded them of the need for increasing the share of TV products produced in Moldova, as required by law.

Dinu Ciocan, the President of the Television and Radio Broadcasting Coordination Council (CCA) emphasized that all digital TV market players had to comply with the laws and standardized documents of the regulatory authority. Mr. Ciocan reminded that the CCA would conduct an ongoing monitoring of the TV channels’ activities.

Such a low popularity of digital broadcasting with the telecom market players in Moldova is due to high prices. TV channels, which gained a seat in the multiplex, will pay some 7 thousand euros monthly for the option to broadcast in digital format, and given the full capacity operation of the multiplex, this amount may be reduced to 5,6 thousand euros. On a recent Friday, the regulatory authority announced an additional tender for three vacant seats.

The broadcasts in multiplex A provide for a standard resolution, available on 65% of the country’s territory to ¾ of the Moldova’s residents. The obtained license authorizes broadcasting in digital format for seven years.