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Digital TV covers Russia by 93%

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Digital TV goes on covering Russian regions, as reported by RSpector, referring to Vitaly Stytsko, CEO at RTRS.

The “Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network” provided the first multiplex to 4346 facilities in 85 country regions, covering 93.7% of the territory of Russia.

At he same time, the network of the second multiplex is equipped with 2.741 thousand TV transmitting stations. However, as is known, the government funding for the second multiplex is not budgeted and it is developed using only broadcasters’ funds. The latter are not interested in the communities with population fewer than 100 thousand people. For this reason, the second multiplex is involved only by 220 facilities in 84 regions of Russia.

It is known that by 2021, the RTRS is to complete the preparatory period for transiting to the high-definition TV, as well as to start a gradual commissioning of ultra-high-definition television (4K), along with surround sound. For the time being, 58 channels are under test broadcasting in 4K resolution.

“To keep a viewer watching TV today, given increasing content consumption on mobile devices, is only possible due to the high-quality picture and sound”, as Mr. Stytsko clarified.

In 2018, the Crimean peninsula will be nearly 100% covered by digital broadcasting.

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