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DIVAN.TV Runs its Apple TV App



The subscribers for the video platform DIVAN.TV got an option to view content on Apple TV set-top boxes.

The legal OTT provider DIVAN.TV has run an application for an Apple TV set-top box. This is stated on the video service’s official web site.

“We did it! DIVAN.TV appeared on the Apple TV all over the world and free of charge so far”, as the DIVAN.TV founder Andrey Kolodyuk posted in the social network Facebook.

DIVAN.TV’s app for tvOS (the operating system running the Apple TV set-top box) offers viewing recommendations on the home page for users, and a quick access to the last watched channels; popular TV channels with availability of viewing TV shows at any convenient time; a video library with Hollywood and national movies; 24-hour radio; as well as the ability to generate lists of “Favorite” channels and movies.

The daily updated collection of movies and TV shows is available without any restriction until February 1. As from 1 February 2017, the application will be available after subscription to one of the existing tariff plans.

DIVAN.TV’s plans to go to the Apple TV platform were announced at the end of 2016 during the press conference “Parity for Everyone: the First Step to Build Civilized Relations between Telecom and Media Industry.

In mid-November 2016, DIVAN.TV presented a new app for iOS-based devices. According to the video service’s spokesmen, the updated application is a good alternative to pirate services.