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DubFellows 2.0: Ukrainian Developers Implemented Subtitles for Netflix



The service DubFellows, launched by Ukrainian developers, now allows viewing Netflix with subtitles in different language, including Ukrainian and Russian. Before the series and movies have been available with dubbing.

The DubFellows’ development team brought in subtitles for the video service Netflix. This will allow watching movies and TV series in the original language,  subtitled in Ukrainian, Russian or other language. This was reported to the Mediasat by the platform’s speakers.

9 movies are available to watch in the “Subtitles” section now. However, according to the developers, the number of subtitled content will increase in due course.

Another update for DubFellows allows users to upload video content subtitles by themselves. Thus, the platform becomes autonomous, and the TV viewers determine independently the very content they want to download subtitles for.

“It does not mean that we would give up adding new content ourselves… no way. We will just provide users with an option to find subtitles they want (now there are millions of them over the Internet), to download them and upload to Netflix. So a user can watch a movie in the original with subtitles when it is convenient for him, and not when the video platform decides to add this content. There is no similar option on any platform like Megogo, ivi or even Netflix, and we are happy to do it first, as the “DubFellows” states.

Let us recall that the platform DubFellows started operating in February this year. During this period, more than 30 TV series, 80 seasons, 1000 episodes and over 50,000 minutes of content have been uploaded to it and to the Netflix plug-in.