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VR improves TV business model

Soenke Kirchhofl
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Competition on TV market getting more and more tough, the players are looking for new services to impress and satisfy customers. VR reality is one of the directions to develop business model and to renew content. It was actively discussed on MIP TV 2017 in Cannes. Mediasat asked the speaker of the MIP TV Sönke Kirchhof, CEO of INVR.SPACE Virtual Reality Studio based in Germany, how VR can change TV market.

How VR can be useful and interesting for TV?

It gives TV Broadcasters the option to modernise their Business Modell to non – linear content distribution as well as by developing and supporting new Formats and Genres.

What are the main problems in VR and TV industry?

Limited Budgets as well as lack of Know How regarding technology and Creative Approaches.

What are the ways to solve them?

Spending more time and more money (both connected with each other of course).

I see you are going to take part in the Telco Trends conference in Latvia. What are you planning to there?

I will showcase Projects that we worked on with several Broadcast Stations in Germany and EU (ARTE, ZDF, WDR, RBB, etc.) and highlight, what can be done better, where Projects worked pretty well and how Projects and engagement in the Field of VR will make sense during next month.

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